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JUNE 4, 8:00 p.m
Arcadia Hall
| Theater "Aureliu Manea" Turda

 after Mihail Sorbul, directed by: Luana Hagiu

Duration of the performance: 1 h 20 min

Directed by: Luana Hagiu
Scenography: Eliza Labancz

Cast: Ingrid Neacșu, Anca Markos/Maria Pandrea, George Sfetcu, Alexandru Condurat, Vali V. Popescu

"Mihail Sorbul's text, "Red Passion" was highly appreciated at the time of its appearance, offering the audience an unprecedented story in Romanian theater, through the central female character and her actions. Although these days the action of the play seems much less daring, my bet when we started working on this show was to start from the text and go beyond it, through improvisations based on scenes and actions from the original play, and bring in the face of the spectators the same structure of the story but seen from a different light. The actors agreed to enter this game of transformation and together I consider that we have given a new life to a classic work from Romanian dramaturgy" Luana Hagiu, director.

"Passion" is a timeless story about falling in love, about love, and about vice, which is just like life: a little surprising.


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