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JUNE 4, 5:00 p.m
Location: Sala Transilvania
| Szigligeti Theater Oradea

A frenzy of physical theater after the play "Les Bâtisseurs d'empire" by Boris Vian, director-choreographer: Györfi Csaba

Duration of the show: 1 h
Age limit: +14

Director-choreographer: Györfi Csaba
Decoration: Cristina Breteanu
Playwright: Czvikker Katalin
Costumes: Cristina Breteanu
Composer: Boros Csaba

Father – Barabás Hunor
Mother – Kerekes Dalma–Gabriella
Daughter – Barkóczi Réka
Maid – Krupár Luca
Schmürz – Törteli Nadin

There is an alter ego in all of us that personifies our hidden desires, the deeds we are not proud of, but also the repressed conscience. This "something", or maybe even "someone" is always with us, and it is simply called Schmürz.

An ordinary family. I'm running from something. Ordinary people passing by each other, as if they were living in parallel with their own lives. They run scared from a certain voice, and Schmürz does not leave them for a moment. He doesn't run away, he just exists in a space with his family, and endures all the pain, horror and humiliation. The family's attempts to escape are closely related to Schmürz's presence.

The show is a mad dash where the characters run for a better life in hopes of survival.

Processing Boris Vian's drama through the means of physical theater, the troupe tries to present a world that has lost its values, offering, by experiencing physical pain and torment, a purifying experience to those who participate in this ritual.


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