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"FAT PIG" by Neil LaBute, is a bitter comedy about uncomfortable subjects, about how brave we are to be ourselves, about cowardice in the face of a cruel society that, apparently, strives for perfection but in reality puts a lot of pressure on us. We end up simulating this perfection by displaying FORMS established by society as the image of perfection, but which only reaches form because the substance is lost in this uniformity. "Fat Pig" is the story of a young corporate man who falls in love with a cute overweight librarian, only his friends and colleagues at the firm react strongly when they learn of the young man's "inappropriate" relationship. The "perfect" world of the corporatists versus the jovial and optimistic world of Helen. Society has rules where form counts, judgment is made on the surface, and substance is overlooked.

LaBute's text is very powerful, written seemingly easily, with the direct line, simple, lively, full of humor, but of a special depth. It is exactly as the message of this text is, apparently a simple love story, sometimes comical, sometimes tragic, in depth a drama of modern society in which the young generation is inoculated with perfect forms according to which they must build their existence. A real x-ray of contemporary mentalities. LaBute says that he finds himself in Fat Pig, that his lyrics are about human frailties and the difficulty many people face in living with them or overcoming them for something they believe in.

Theater has the power to rummage inside us and reveal unsuspected thoughts, reactions, emotions. That is what we hope Tom and Helen's story will do.

Director: Laura Moldovan
Scenography: Ioan Bocoș
Choreography: Elena Angel
Translation: Irina Velcescu

Helena – Oana Mogos
Carter - Vlad Volf
tome – Ciprian Brașoveanu
Jeannie– Flavia Călin

Tickets are on sale at the Theater Ticket Agency Tuesday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00, again in weekend between 10:00-13:00. You can buy tickets an hour before the show or online on For additional information and ticket reservations, we invite you to call the phone number: 0259/440.742.

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