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JUNE 6, 7:00 p.m
Great Hall
| Queen Maria Theatre, Oradea 

Duration of the show: 2h 40 min (with a break)

Author: Tudor Musatescu
Artistic direction: Claudiu Goga
Decoration: Lia Dogaru
Costumes: Amalia Buie
Face designer: Minela Popa

Decebal Necșulescu: Sorin Ionescu
Bébé Damian: Şerban Borda
Nina Damian: Denisa Vlad
Amelie: Anda Tamașanu
General Stamatescu stake: Elvira Rîmbu
General Stamatescu: Petre Ghimbasan
Traian Necșulescu: Alin Stanciu
Iorgu Langada: Sebastian Wolf
Platon Stamatescu: George Dometi
A commissioner: Pavel Sirghi
Fans: Alexandru Rusu/ Eugen Neag
Cat: Eugen Neag/ Alexandru Rusu
Mitzi: Mirela Nita Lupu, Ana: Adela Lazar
A guard: Andrian Locovei

With a talent equal to his master Caragiale, Tudor Mușatescu makes in ...I'm running away a satirical X-ray of political tempers, with an amazing talent... foreboding.

Blackmail, a bit of erotic flirting, enough to add salt and pepper to political life, a bit of fool's luck are the tasty ingredients of the play.

And in the end, because he became a peasant again from a socialist, but he did not "get impatient", Decebal Necșulescu, undefeated, decides to form his own party.

what do you say If you read last year's papers, don't you see the clear example?

...I'm running away it's not just a period piece, with its old and good perfume, but an astonishing parable of Romania's present...



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