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Agamemnon takes a critical x-ray of contemporary man and has the intensity of a Formula 1 race. The three heroes run chaotically through the supermarket districts, where they struggle not to lose control of their own lives.
Homo consumens characters (psychoanalytically anchored in the oral stage) forget to be and focus on having.

It confronts nature, taking it for granted, ritualizing household objects and turning in front of us the terrible ballast that buries us day by day. Obsessed with storytelling, these brainwashed, robotic humans nevertheless touch upon many human truths in their automatic dictation, denouncing the horrors of our world. Their desire to buy equals their desire for immortality. The beautifully packaged clichés are demystified by bringing to the stage this plasticized family, as if ready to be put in the window, from where a Pantagruelian hunger is constantly howling.

Rodrigo Garcia's text breathes like an ancient tragedy, from which, somewhere, hope remains. We are like fish in an overcrowded aquarium, fighting for a last breath of air. Agamemnon is a punch to the solar plexus, where comedy pushes its limits through the ridiculous. A ridicule in which we find the tragedy of contemporary superheroes, phantom heroes, anxious, degraded, fragmented, alienated, restless, torn by shopping sprees.

"Lucian Blaga" National Theatre, CLUJ
by Rodrigo García

Sorin Leoveanu
Miriam Cuibus
Sănziana Tarța

Translator: Luminița Voina-Răuț
Directed by: Andrei Măjeri
Scenography: Irina Moscu
Premiere date: Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Duration of the show: 75 min.


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