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"Play Strindberg" by Friedrich Durrenmatt turns August Strindberg's drama "Dance of Death" into a black comedy, in comic-absurd key, imagining marriage as a 12-round boxing match, a fight without rules and without winners, only losers… It is the story of a "failed" actress - Alice and Edgar - a "failed" captain, stranded on an island as a prison warden, who live out the story of a "failed" marriage in which they are sentenced to 25 years to live and fight fiercely. Their match is refereed by Kurt, her cousin, who brutally appears after 15 years, tenderly seduces her and cynically abandons her, leaving the two husbands as failed wrecks in the prison-hell of their marriage! Love and hate, smile and kick, this is Modern Family – obviously between a man and a woman???

Distribution: Doina Aida Stan (Alice), Petrisor Stan (Edgar), Catalin Mirea (Kurt), Mirela Popescu (Kristel).

Screenplay/adaptation: August Strindberg
Director: Matei Varodi
Scenography: Miruna Varodi
Choreography: Ramona Titov

Tickets are on sale at the Theater Ticket Agency Tuesday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00, again in weekend between 10:00-13:00. You can buy tickets an hour before the show or online on For additional information and ticket reservations, we invite you to call the phone number: 0259/440.742.

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