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"[...] Oleanna" by David Mamet is a play in two characters that raises important issues in the evolution of contemporary society, such as political correctness and the poor definition of terms in communication. The characters who participate in the construction of the dramatic conflict of the text are Carol (Irina NAUM), a student, and her teacher John (Cristi NAUM). The action takes place in John's office. Carol confesses to the professor that, although she read his book, she did not understand the course at all, especially the thesis according to which university studies, as a mass phenomenon, would be a utopia. As the dialogue between the two grows, the teacher (who will soon be granted tenure as well as a raise) is periodically interrupted by phone calls from his wife, who asks him to come home urgently. Hastily, John promises the girl, casually touching her shoulders, that he will give her a top score if she comes back a few times to discuss the subject. In the next act we learn that the promotion (from which the teacher had made his plan to purchase a new residence) is endangered by the complaint that Carol submitted to the management, claiming that she was the victim of pornographic behavior, giving her the maximum mark in the exchange of future meetings. Wanting to convince her that she has misunderstood all of history, John calmly explains the situation to her. Deciding that it would be better to leave the place, the girl is flanked and held tightly by the hand. And from here, things take a new turn [...]". (Mihai GĂLĂțAN-actor)

Directing and scenography: Vlad CRISTACHE

Translation: Anca FLORESCU and Costin MANOLIU

Distribution: Cristian NAUM and Irina NAUM

Tickets are on sale at the Theater Ticket Agency Tuesday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00, again in weekend between 10:00-13:00. You can buy tickets an hour before the show or online on For additional information and ticket reservations, we invite you to call the phone number: 0259/440.742.

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