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JUNE 5, 9:00 p.m
Location: Arcadia Hall
| "Alexei Mateevici" Theater Chisinau

by Jon Fosse, directed by Sorin Militaru

Duration of the show: 1 h 10 min

Directed by: Sorin Militaru
Scenography: Irina Gurin
Musical illustration: Valentin Strișcov
Video design: Cristian Oloi

In a minimalist setting, the two characters appear who have neither proper names nor social status. The complex discussion between them - about life, soul, love - takes place in a boat. ONE is an experienced sailor and an obvious depressive. THE OTHER is a naval novice and a pragmatic protector. The former convinces the latter to embark on a voyage at sea, but during the perilous voyage ONE falls overboard and, resisting all attempts at rescue, becomes, according to pantheism, a part of nature. Deciphering the message can be varied. On the one hand, the play seems like a confrontation between two interdependent characters about meaningless existence. On the other hand, the work leads to a meditation on the attitude of man: as ONE protests against the idea of a natural unity between what he feels and what he says. The characters can represent, however, the man himself in his two poses: the self-sacrificer who denies life and the sociable survivor. However you interpret it, the play appeals to something fundamental: it shows us two human beings caught in an extreme situation and demonstrates the power of love. The contrast and at the same time the complementarity of the states of the two are perfectly reflected in the gray projections of the atmosphere or in the restless shapes of the rocks and waves of the sea. And the sound falls like a veil, over the hall, over the water, to intensify even more what words cannot express - the voice of the inner self.


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