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"Dissatisfied with what is happening to his life, Edmond decides to start over. To the temptations of the street, he responds brutally, with the sharp edge of the blade, out of desperation, misunderstanding, fear. In his painful odyssey, he accumulates experiences and sensations, crossing brothels and nightclubs, where encounters with others are frustrating and alienating. In a world full of "dead", being alive is the protagonist's obsessive aspiration.

A cynical mechanism of the destructuring of the individual, which hits the walls of others, in a penetrating language, sometimes uncomfortable, illustrating the slices of life in which you have to pay with freedom in order to be able to share in its joys. Every time he gets knocked down, Edmond reloads and starts over. Even in prison a cynical trace of dreaming remains. The hope?" 

(Ana Liliana Ilea)

Screenplay/adaptation: Andrei Dinu
Directed by: Andrei Dinu
Scenography: MIHAI VĂLU / Spatial designs: Alex V. Miclăuș
Choreography: George Pop / Stage movement: Raul Hotcaș
Music: Design and Voice Editing: Petru Damșa / Voice Recordings: Călin Ionce
Translation: Andrei Dinu


Girl from Video-Chat, Club Animator, Prostitute, Assistant 3 – DENISA BLAG
The Employer, Client Club, The Trickster, The Guy from the Pawn Shop, Prisoner 2 – DRAGOȘ CĂLIN
Fiancee, Client Club, Brothel Manager, Subway Girl, Assistant 1 – IOANA CHEREGI
The preacher - Speaker - IOAN COSTIN
Father, Bodyguard Club, Accomplice 2, Pawn Shop Client, Prisoner 1 – MIRCEA GLIGOR
The guy in the club (MC), The little boy, A guy in the bus station, The investigator – ANDREI STAN
Best Friend, Client Club, Flyer Distributor, Accomplice 1, Gun Shop Owner, Pimp, Prisoner 3 – EDUARD TRIFA
Mother, Client Club, Girl from Peep-Show, Glenna, Assistant 2 – ALEXANDRA VANCI

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