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JUNE 7, 6:30 p.m
Arcadia Hall
| Bucharest Art Theatre 

Duration of the show: 50 min (without break)
Age limit: +16

Author: Dario Fo and Franca Rame
Directed by: Ana-Ioana Macaria
Scenography: Adrian Pitica

Cast: Andreea Bibiri, Lucian Pavel

What's left to do when, by proposing an "open relationship" to your wife, you find that you're helping her meet the perfect man?

A woman recounts the marital crisis she went through, bringing (literally) her husband to the stage. After numerous suicide attempts, due to his extramarital affairs, the woman accepts the husband's proposal to have an OPEN RELATIONSHIP, to continue to be the best of married friends, while having an (exclusively) sex life outside of marriage. The arguments continue. She cannot accept in fact what she had verbally accepted. Eventually, she gains the inner strength to break free emotionally from her marriage and falls in love with another man: the perfect man. And the roles are reversed. In the new terms, the husband no longer accepts the open relationship. In the play by Dario Fo and Francăi Rame, the wife is the "playwright" of the whole incident and the director of the "staging" of the story, even if the husband-character tries to rebel in some places. Why doesn't he tell the story? You will understand only at the end of the show.



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