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"Three actors (Corina Cernea, Sorin Ionescu, Georgia Căprărin), an excellent text adapted from a Russian playwright and an inspired direction by Denisa Vlad [...] The comedy show starts from an act of extreme shopping, the passion of a young mistress for her husband in others it goes so far that the wife receives a financial offer for the release of the prisoner in the marriage. You will see that the territory of marital humor has not been completely exhausted, and the direction in which the hostilities evolve proves it.
Because it is done with a lot of naturalness and simplicity, because time is not wasted on stage, because the text (very funny and dynamic) was brushed by complicated philosophies until only the essence remained, because the humor is intelligent and devoid of pub vulgarity, because the stage movement is very rich for a small space."
(Lucian Cremeneanu)

Elena: Corina Cernea
Roxana: Georgia Căprărin
Andrei: Sorin Ionescu


Other Events

ZDOB and ZDUB concert

JUNE 4, 9:00 p.m
Location: Union Square


JUNE 5, 5:00 p.m
Location: Sala Transilvania
| National Theater "Radu Stanca" Sibiu and Unteatru




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