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WEDDING – street show

JUNE 9, 5:00 p.m
Location: Passage "Black Eagle"
Northern Theater Satu Mare

Duration of the show: 50 min

Concept and direction: Victor Olăhuț
Choreography: Florin Fieroiu
Music: Lucian Maxim
Scenography assistant: Cristian Gătina

Crina Andriucă
Bianco Erdei
Carmen Frațilă
Andrei Gîjulete
Catalin Mares
Anette Marka
Andrea Mocan
Lucia Maria Raccan
Stelian Rosian
Tibor Székely
Ciprian Vultur

Wedding. Ceremony. Ritual. One of the rites of passage. Everyone knows what a wedding means or entails. And many lines have been said and written about the symbolic, mystical, philosophical meanings that accompany it. Depending on time, space, culture or religion, the wedding ceremony takes on increasingly varied forms. The clothing, music, customs and texts that are part of the wedding performance are also extremely diverse. This makes the wedding a perpetual source of inspiration, using parts or even the whole ritual in all fields of art, from music, theater, film or photography (wedding photography being an art in itself).

In the show NUNTA by the "Mihai Raicu" Troupe, the director Victor Olăhuț does not want to place the action in any recognizable area of space or time. He is not interested in popular tradition, he does not reproduce folk rituals, he does not use the kitsch-flamboyant wardrobe, braided hairstyle and garish make-up fashionable nowadays. And the text is perfectly sublimated. Being a street show, it used the most famous street performance character, the mime. Usually a singular appearance, we find it here in a multitude of characters, but who are all part of the same ensemble. And the only thing that matters is the relationship between the characters. We know it's a wedding. We have bride and groom, master of ceremonies, fiddlers, procession. The situations these characters go through make the show very lively, exciting, full of surprises, sometimes tragic, but mostly comical. Thus, the wedding show gets a lot of flavor, and the "Wedding" show is downright tasty.


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