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JUNE 7, 7:00 p.m
Location: Sala Transilvania
| Queen Maria Theater Oradea

 by Mimi Brănescu, director: Denisa Vlad

Duration: 1 h 30 min
Age limit: +16

Artistic direction: Denisa Irina Vlad
Scenography: Razvan Chendrean
Musical adaptation: Ovidiu Iloc
Lyrics: George Dometi

Hiccup: Pavel Sirghi
Mark: Sorin Ionescu
Lulu: David Constantinescu/Alin Stanciu
Light: Giorgiana Coman/Denisa Irina Vlad

"It is a piece of life, lived for real and without arrangements, without shame. Mimi's plays don't care for you, I miss you. Everything is frust, authentic and true. It's a show about dreaming and helplessness, about the desire to succeed, to go somewhere brighter. I chose the text because it is a hard text, because I believe in the truth, even if it revolts us and is hard to digest. Our characters are trapped in a world and time that passes by in vain. They are as we are, both bad and beautiful, you judge them, but you also pity them. We all dream of a better life, we all dream of being happy, and depending on the circumstances we are in, we are willing or not willing to compromise." (Denisa Irina Vlad)


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