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American director, screenwriter, playwright, Neil LaBute develops in "Autobahn” characters that we can find on the streets of any city in the world today. The show proposes a journey inside a couple who go "on the road" through an "accident". Within the physical confines of an automobile, conflict spans the full range of emotions that can arise between two people.

Four tragicomic snapshots from the life of a couple who, at a crucial moment in their relationship, relive memories, speeding down the highway, isolated in their "glass and metal bubble". In the car you are forced to listen but you can also force yourself to be listened to. In a closed space, such as that of a car, the truth can no longer escape and confessions, some shocking, are made to the end.

A man and a woman, a car, truth, lies, pride, shyness, helplessness, love, speed... HIGHWAY.

Show not recommended for minors under 16!

A woman: Ioana Cheregi
A man: Andrei Stan

Monica Anastase
Directed by: Laura Moldovan
Scenography: Cristian Gătina


Other Events

ZDOB and ZDUB concert

JUNE 4, 9:00 p.m
Location: Union Square


JUNE 5, 5:00 p.m
Location: Sala Transilvania
| National Theater "Radu Stanca" Sibiu and Unteatru




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