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JUNE 9, 2019, 7 p.m
Great Hall

Duration of the show: 1 h 15 min (with a break)

Libretto, choreography and stage direction: Radu Poklitaru
Decor: Andrey Zlobin
Costumes: Anna IpatyevaAssistant choreographers: Anatoliy Kozlov, Sergey Kon
Light Design: Elena Antokhina
Sound: Alexander Kuriy

Carmen: Elena Saltykova
Joseph: Dmitry Kondratyuk, Artem Shoshin
Tsunami: Andrew Chaplik, Michel Fondue
Mikaela: Oksana Romanyuk
Tobacco factory workers, soldiers: actors of the "KYIV MODERN-BALLET" theater

"Carmen.TV is the first production of the "Kyiv Modern-Ballet" Company. Why, though, Carmen? The history of European theater does not know many stories more popular than this one. Mérimée, who wrote a short story about a gypsy from Seville, would be amazed to learn that in the 21st century, there might not be a person in the entire Western cultural world who has not heard of Carmen. Georges Bizet, in his immortal work, strongly romanticized her image – Mérimée's gypsy is actually much simpler and more prosaic.

In addition to the depth of Prosper Mérimée's text, Georges Bizet's music is the foundation of our production. One of the main characters is Mihaela, who has lost her status as Joel's fiancee, but who becomes the prime mover of the action on stage. Her presence on stage provides an explanation for the presence of the two letters "TV" that we find in the title of the piece and its format - ballet in two parts. The words that I attributed to Mihaela represent the only fragment that I consider appropriate to be part of the text of the piece: "When there is no one around, love overwhelms me and makes me see, desire and kill non-existent characters from the movies which were never filmed. The flickering of the screen speaks to me in the language of love. Am I alone?… No!”

Radu Poklitaru




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