Piața Unirii

25 septembrie 2018 21:00 - 22:00 Piața Unirii

Piața Unirii

Înscenarea: Ovidiu Mihăiță
Grafică: Lucian Popovici
Coregrafie: Costa Tovarnisky
Costume, Scenografie și lumini: Auăleu
Măști: Aura Bălănescu, Ligia Seculici
Muzică: Sol Faur


Ionuț Marian Pîrvulescu
Ioan Codrea
Armand Iftode
Christine Cizmaș
Norbert Lovasz
Sol Faur
Ovidiu Mihăiță

„Mioriţa” (translated „The Ewe Lamb”) has been unequivocally regarded as the most significant piece of literature in terms of Romanian folklore and universal ethnography. A pastoral ballad spread in over a thousand different versions, it was first put on the map by the Moldavian renowned poet Vasile Alecsandri through a series of Romanian folk songs that he collected, which was published by the mid 19th century. The importance of this work rests on one hand in the anthropological values conveyed by the text and on the other, the mystic characteristics evoked through a powerful motif based on a mental association for which the individual connects the death with a wedding. In many of the “Mioriţa” versions, including the most famous one, the plot centres three shepherds among one of them learns from an enchanted ewe that the two others plan to kill him in order to take his possessions.