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Saluting as we walked it's a contemporary text written by Mihaela Mihai from Ploiești and staged at the Artemotion Theater in Oradea with the support of the col. John Baciu. The premiere took place on October 16 in Oradea and stars actors Sebastian Lupu and Mirela Lupu.

The show is a funny x-ray of the birth of a friendship between a "tired" he and a "lonely" she, it is a frothy comedy about two souls for whom the clock of time has long struck the clocks of youth, a story about simple people we pass by every day , into whose eyes we look for a second and then move on, a romantic story about a "he" and a "she", about "us" - people who are, live, love, hate, people with eyes that try to hide, people full of hopes and small gestures. The show Sărumânadecâtmăplimbam was selected at the Bucharest Independent Theater Festival in 2015, where it was taken over by TVR and will be broadcast on TVR 2 as part of the Teatru la TVR show.

Sebastian Wolf
Mirela Lupu


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