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The Legend of St. Betiv – Andreas is a "clochard" in Paris in the middle of the 20th century. He spends the night under the bridges of the Seine, covers himself with newspapers stolen daily from overturned dumpsters on the sidewalks, spends his time with a handful of beggars as ragged as himself. The only difference from the group: Andreas is a happy drunk who made alcohol a support in life, a philosophy, a creed.

A benefactor offers him a large sum, which should change his destiny. Andreas accepts, takes his holy obligation to return the money, but spends it on the Absinthe that has become the corollary of his life. Enter a chain of miracles, in which every time he runs out of money ready to be returned, a coincidence occurs whereby Andreas receives from the hand of fate exactly the amount he needs. And every time he spends them, in the name of love, or friendship, or his Bacchic philosophy.

And yet in the name of the dignity that has never left him, he strives to return the amount that was given to him without his request. Eventually the loan is written off, but Andreas dies unhappily because he could not reconcile the joys of life with the profile of a dignified man as he always wanted to be.

Andreas Kartak: Philipp KAPLAN
Respectable Mr.: Geirun TINO
The refined lady, Karoline, Therese: Constantina-Elisabeta VANCA
Seller: Viktoria DEIXLER
Hotel lady: Valentina GRILLO
Kanjak, Woitech, A Cop: Daniel GAVRIS

Stage space, dramatization, direction: Geirun TINO
Lighting: Madeleine Steinwender


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