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Arcadia Hall
| "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre, Iasi

Author: Mimi Branescu
Direction: A show under collective direction

Duration of the show: 1 h

Teodor Corban
Constantin Puscașu
Anne Marie Chertic
Cosmin Maxim

The garbage man is an enigmatic character who rummages psychoanalytically through the subconscious of others, for fear of being put in a position to analyze his own situation. And his victim (the corporatist who works 10 hours a day, no longer having a private life) is a neurotic who regularly throws out his trash in order not to be disturbed by inappropriate wishes or revelations. The garbage collector's wife is frustrated with her own life and throws herself into compensatory adventures, and her husband seeks to transfer his own existential grievances onto others. Both protagonists (the garbage collector and the corporatist) fall into the trap at the end when the fiction and illusion on which life is based, the truths and meanings of the garbage prove to be real. Teodor Corban admirably interprets the perplexity of the guiltless culprit, and Constantin Puşcaşu – the denial and escape in the criminal, cannibalistic, heroic scenario of inciting the garbage collector. (Dana Ţabrea)


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