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June 10, 5:00 p.m
Location: Sala Transilvania
| National Theater Cluj-Napoca

based on the short stories "The Wheelbarrow" and "The Breath" by Luigi Pirandello, translated by Maria Rotar, directed by Roberto Bacci

Duration of the show: 1 h
Age limit: +16

director: Roberto Bacci
spatial concept: Ionuț Caras
poster photo: Claudiu Guraliuc

one-man show with: Ionuț Caras

technical direction: Doru Bodrea
light design: Jenel Moldovan
lighting operators: Ionuț Maier, Alexandru Corpodean
brass band: Alina Forna

To our friend Georges


Luigi Pirandello places us in front of a mirror in which it is painful and, at the same time, necessary to observe ourselves. But who is really in front of that mirror? Should it be our "personality"? That character that lives next to us and in which we deceive ourselves, every day, that we recognize ourselves, just to be accepted by others? Or is it our "essence"? That unique being, that blank page from the origins that they all rushed, throughout our lives, to write what they wanted us to become.

This is the secret drama we all carry and over The black mirror invites reflection. Each of the two short stories has the potential to be translated into stage action: due to the dynamic and strong dramatic pace of the story and the writing; due to the physical space that Pirandello manages to create, from time to time, around the protagonist, precisely guiding the viewer, and in our case, the actor; thanks to the unexpected endings that enrich each of the short stories with genuine suspense.

The handmaiden: by confessing an "unspeakable" pleasure, the reputed and highly esteemed lawyer exposes the misery of his own human condition, in a crescendo of tragic comedy.

The Blow: In the most magical and metaphysical of short stories, the protagonist, by bringing his thumb to the forefinger of his right hand and blowing between them, discovers the power to kill. The epidemic unleashed by this destructive power, in which man ends up annihilating himself, is the real question written on the door of our consciousness.

Thus, in the darkness of our mirror, we look for a hidden reflection that will tell us what and who we were. To continue, at least, to remember.

Roberto Bacci

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