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JUNE 2, 5:00 p.m
Arcadia Hall
Baia Mare Municipal Theatre

Duration of the show: 1 hour 30 minutes

Author: after texts by Luigi Pirandello
Director: Norbert Boda
Scenography: Mihai Vălu 

Suicide 1, Orator Randello, The Undertaker, The Postman, Leopoldo Paroni: Alex Macavei
Suicide Squad 2, Diego, The Suicide Squad Confused with Mattia Pascal, Orbul, Mihai, Son (of Micheline), Luca Fazio: Andrei Han
Suicide 3, Housewife Aena, Neighbor 2, Dolores: Alexandra Vanci
Suicide Squad 4, Mother, Neighbor 1, The Whistleblower: Wanda Farkas
Suicide Squad 5, Mattia Pascal, Mattia Sinagra, Uncheșu: Dragos Calin
Suicide Squad 6, Aunt Michelina, Doctor Doctor, Girl with the Book: Sanda Savolszky
Luigi the Detective: Norbert Boda

"The show SUICIDAL explores a serious theme of humanity in an unconventional way, in the form of a show dedicated exclusively to suicide. With suicides, about suicides and for suicides. And for those passionate about suicide." This show has a timeless feel to it, and suicide stories are explored and exploited from multiple perspectives. Having the convention of a television show, the show has a strong comic air, sometimes even with a dark humor, but well dosed, without forgetting to treat the dramas and stories of the characters seriously.



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