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START of registrations for FTS 2023


Oradea International Theater Festival is a large-scale cultural event, which aims to provide a space dedicated to theatrical arts, through which to stimulate cultural consumption, support and promote local dramatic creations, Romanian and foreign theatrical productions, as well as create opportunities for Romanian and foreign artists to share experiences of good practices, innovative ideas and to initiate national and international partnerships as diverse as possible.

This concept was launched in 2013 by the Regina Maria Theater in partnership with the Oradea International Theater Festival Cultural Foundation and brings together under its umbrella Short Theater Festival (FTS), which is competitive, The Great Guest Shows section and Independent Shows – Fringe.

The Short Theater Festival is one of the most important sections of the Oradea International Theater Festival and continues a tradition started at the Oradea Theater in 1976. FTS has now reached its 26th edition, being the only festival dedicated to the play in - a single act from Romania.

The Regina Maria Theater in Oradea announces the start of registrations for the26th edition of the Short Theater Festival, which will take place this year during June 4-11, 2023.


– The selected performances must fall within the specifics of the short theater festival (maximum 90 minutes, without intermission);
– The enrollment period is between 25 January – 17 March 2023;
– The selection of performances that will be presented in the festival will be announced by April 28, 2023;
– The composition of the bands in the competition section is maximum 30 people;
– The organizers do not assume the possible problems related to obtaining the copyright of the selected shows;
– The organizers can provide, depending on the festival budget, accommodation for at most 2 nights, daytime and transport of people and scenery;

– Free technical assistance is provided for each participating artistic group;
– At the request of the bands, the organizers can make available to them other spaces for performing performances.

The festival is a competitive one. A jury made up of personalities from the Romanian theatrical world will award the following Awards:

The award for the best show
The award for the best direction
The award for the best scenography
The award for the best actor
The award for the best actress
Game spaces during the Festival:

The Great Hall of the Queen Maria Theatre
The Arcadia Hall of the Queen Maria Theatre
Oradea Citadel – mobile stage
Transylvania Hall
Materials required for registration:

  • Performance recording – submitted online (YouTube unlisted or link to a cloud where the performance can be viewed);
  • Synopsis and press extracts;
  • 5 photos;
  • Registration form.

DOWNLOAD HERE RO 👉 Enrollment-Form-FTS_2023

Materials can be sent to the e-mail address: (recommended)

Or physically, with the mention that you must send the footage on DVD in 2 copies, to the address:
Queen Mary Theatre
King Ferdinand I Square, no. 6, 410021, Oradea, Bihor, Romania
For the Short Theater Festival

For additional information you can contact us at:
Phone: 0359.411.5340/0359.411.535

Contact person:
Victoria Balint, Director of the Iosif Vulcan Band
Phone: 0730 009 507

Proposals for the 2022 FTS edition, which was cancelled, remain valid. Please only enter shows that have not been proposed before and meet the selection requirements.

We look forward to your proposals!




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