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JUNE 4, 8:00 p.m
Great Hall | 
National Theater "Eugene Ionesco", Chisinau, Moldova

Duration of the show: 2 h 10 min

Author: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Direction and music selection: Petru Vutcarau
Scenography: Tatiana Popescu

oscar: Silviu Boinceanu 
Pink Aunts: Alas Menšicov 
Oscar's father: Laurentiu Vutcarau 
Oscar's mother: Alina Turcanu
The doctor: Andrei Sochircă 
Peggy Blue: Valeria Gartan
Peggy Blue's mother: Iuliana Vornicescu 
Peggy Blue's Father: Stanislav Cotrobai 
Medical assistants: Radu Cantîr, Doina Arvat, Maria Anton, Natalia Prodan, Iulian Bubuioc, Iulian Cujba  

Oscar, a 10-year-old boy with leukemia spends the last 12 days of his life in the hospital. Even if no one has the courage to tell him to his face, the boy knows that he will die, and his war against everyone breaks out innocently, passionately and hopelessly. The only one who comes under his will is Tanti Roz, an old nurse, unsurpassed in making up modern stories, real life lessons. She gives the child the idea to live every day as if he were ten years old and teaches him to write letters to God to feel less alone. These epistles are written in a funny, childish, but by no means naive, style. Beneath the playful expressions hides the drama, and the pain spills out between the lines. The whole show is a whirlwind of mixed emotions: revolt and resignation at the same time, regret, love, hope, pain, anger and understanding. All this often manifests itself on the people around Oscar, but the real recipient is, in fact, destiny.



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