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MASQUERADE is a musical drama in three acts (five scenes) composed by Giuseppe Verdi. The action takes place in and around Boston at the end of the 17th century and centers around Governor Riccardo, Earl of Warwick. The governor is in love with Amelia, the wife of his secretary and friend Renato.

Riccardo learns that Amelia shares his feelings when she asks the witch Ulrica for a cure to get rid of her feelings for her husband's friend. The witch sends her for a magical plant on the "Hangmen's Hill" on the outskirts of the city, which must be picked only at midnight. Worried for the safety of his beloved, Riccardo, who listened to the whole discussion hidden in a corner, decides that he will follow her in search of the cure.

In the meeting on the "Hanged Man's Hill", the two lovers reveal their feelings, but are interrupted by the appearance of Renato, who warns his friend that he is being followed by conspirators who want him dead and advises him to return to the palace as soon as possible. Riccardo agrees to withdraw, asking Renato to accompany the mysterious, veiled stranger to the city gates without trying to find out her identity. But things don't go according to plan and Reanto learns that the stranger is none other than his wife. Eager for revenge, he plans to kill Riccardo during the masquerade ball the governor is hosting.

Conductor: GHEORGHE VICTOR DUMĂNESCU / Artistic direction adaptation: RADU LUCACIU / Scenography adaptation: VALENTIN CODOIU

MARIUS VLAD BUDOIU: Riccardo, Earl of Warwick, Governor of Boston
FLORIN ESTEFAN: Renato, his secretary
ANDRADA IOANA ROțU: Ulrica, fortune teller
OANA TRÎMBIțAȘ: Oscar, the count's page
HORATIU RUSTI: Silvano, a sailor
CRISTIAN HODREA: Samuel/ opponent of the count
PETRU BURCĂ: Tom/ opponent of the count
FLORIN POP: The judge
ANDREI SOFRON: Amelia's servant


CORNELIU FELECAN – Choir conductor
ALINA SIMONA NISTOR – Assistant artistic director

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