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JUNE 8, 5:00 p.m
Location: Sala Transilvania
Odeon Theater Bucharest

by Alexandra Felseghi, directed by Adina Lazar

Duration of the performance: 1 h 45 min

The show contains strobe effects. It is not recommended for people with photosensitivity and those suffering from epilepsy!

Directed by: Adina Lazar
Scenography: Andreea Tecla
Assistant director: Irina Sibef
Light design: Andrei Délczeg
Graffiti: Niko Becker

Denis – Vlad Bîrzanu
Iovana – Ruxandra Maniu
Carmen – Anda Saltelechi
Valentine – Eduard Trifa

Winning project in the competition Young directors, contemporary texts, 2022 edition.

We Don't Talk About It is the story of a generation, told in four voices. A generation of children with troubled parents, caught between nostalgia for the certainties offered by the old regime and the promises of a better life under capitalism. It is the story of those people who were born in the mid-80s and grew up in the 90s without mobile phones or the Internet, whose entrance to college coincided with Romania's admission to the EU. The play is a confession of self-discovery, of young adults who have matured "by ear", without having any life manual, in the context of a changing society, and dissects all those uncomfortable subjects - the misunderstanding of one's own identity, sexuality, physical and emotional abuse, dysfunctional family relationships – hidden under the rug in the traditional Romanian family.

"In We don't talk about this, I worked, more than at other times, on the proposals of the actors who came to meet the situations created by me. Together we built a universe where vulnerability and fragility intertwine with an equal dose of Balkan humor.
The show makes a psychological x-ray of the way in which the interaction between the characters, now in adulthood, is marked by the traumas suffered in childhood. Throughout the show, the characters glissando between past and present – childhood and adult life – thus reinforcing the importance of the idea behind this production: talk about it, talk about anything.”

Adina Lazar


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