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IT'S ACTUALLY BEAUTIFUL takes a close look at the relationships of a generation that stands out for running away from obligations, always looking for something better. A show about well-educated 30-somethings who bounce from one temporary job to another, are always on the road and live in semi-furnished homes, but whose social media profiles are updated non-stop and set up. Behind the banality of self-presentation on Facebook hides the drama of searching for the right relationship. How to live and how to love? The aspiration to find great love remains unchanged.

show It's actually beautiful it starts precisely from the contradiction between the romantic conception of an endless relationship and the real life conditions of today's generation. Because in fact we have everything we need, but only in fact, but in reality something is missing... and thus the phrase "in fact" becomes the motto of an entire generation.

*Show not recommended for persons under the age of 15!

Eike – Konstantin Keidel
Magda – Ioana Iacob
Jonathan – Radu Vulpe
Kurt – Richard Hladik
Annika – Anne-Marie Waldeck
Anne – Oana Vidoni

Direction and set design: Volker Schmidt
Costumes: Nina Kroschinske
Light design: Botond Nosz


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