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You could say that Ich Bin Ophelia it is a sample of theatrical theory, but done with maximum involvement and sensitivity. Intended to break down the levers of a classic text in order to reassemble them.

Artist NN has moved into our elegant nursing home Mrs. NN was awarded the Sarah-Berndhard medal, the "Eleonora Duse" ring and is an honorary member of the International "Shakespeare" Association. Her dramatic genius was ingenuous, especially in Shakespeare's plays. She particularly shone as Hamlet's Ophelia.
Ich Bin Ophelia it proves the exemplary assumption of a role, glued like a transparent mask like a second face and sliced almost into multiple particles.

This is the story of a woman with a mind that unravels histories like a ball, of an actress, of a life, of a story.

Ophelia lives permanently in close proximity to Hamlet. He evolves as a character in this tense and at the same time fascinating relationship, which constantly returns to the foreground. The monologue is extremely dense and profound in writing, designed in a postmodern key, amalgamating inserts from Hamlet, literary and at the same time psychological interpretations of the other voices in the play, provocative hypotheses about their thoughts and deeds, about the existence of figures from the era - Queen Elizabeth – and no less the specter of Shakespeare, haunting his characters.

Translation: Dan Stoica
Directed by: Sorin Militaru
Scenography: Erika Marton
Music: Cristi Jugaru

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May 31, 7:00 p.m
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Saturday, June 1
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