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JUNE 9, 8:00 p.m
Location: Great Hall
| Târgu-Mureș National Theater - "Liviu Rebreanu" Company

a show by Radu Afrim, scenography: Irina Moscu

The best Romanian dramatic text staged in absolute premiere – UNITER 2023

Duration of the performance: 2 h 20 min (with an intermission)

Script, Musical illustration: Radu AFRIM
Set designer: Irina MOSCU
Stage playwright: Andreea RADU
Light designer: Cristian NICULESCU
Video: TRICK Samu
Assistant director: Dragoș STOENESCU
Scenography and costumes assistant: Doró SIKÓ

Róza – Katalin Berekméri
Viorel (Stalker) – Nicu Mihoc
Darius Muresan – Alex Stoicescu
Calița – Laura Mihalache
Rebeca – Cristina Holtzli
Sister 1 – Loredana Dascălu
Sister 2 – Georgiana Ghergu
Professor – Mihaela Mihai
Dwarf – Luchian Pantea
She – Elena Purea
He – Theo Marton
Dia – Ale Tifrea
Cameraman - Radu Anastas

A poetic meditation on life, with poetry itself as a source of inspiration, but also nature, the IERBAR show presents a unique perspective - filtered through Radu Afrim's unmistakable artistic sensibility - on the passage of time in a setting where young couples coexist, couples of middle age, but also elderly couples. They are in different existential phases, but fragility, the desire for love and communion, as well as the awareness that everything is ephemeral permeates their every gesture and action. In the endless bustle of nature we can distinguish, on a micro scale, the infinite character of the macro universe that greets us with sunrises, sunsets and stars, a universe both familiar and mysterious-fascinating, from which we are, in essence, inseparable.
IERBAR is a multisensory theatrical experience, but also an inner one, a journey where the magical accompanies the concrete just as, when we breathe in the cold, we cannot stop the streams of steam from volatilely framing our faces.

Unanimously considered by the critics and the general public as one of the most important theater people after the Revolution, Radu Afrim marked the last two decades with his creation and presented to the public a unitary but varied theatrical work, characterized by nonconformity, a flair for visual images striking, elaborate scenic compositions, intense acting and a syncretism of the visual arts expressed in a manner both sophisticated and accessible. In recent years, Radu Afrim began to sign the texts of his performances, being also involved in the creation of their sound universe. His creation was awarded with numerous awards, including 3 UNITER Awards for Best Director. The IERBAR show marks the return to the Romanian company of the Târgu-Mureş National Theater after more than 20 years.

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