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Guest performances 2017

Oradea International Theater Festival | FITORadea


The play "The Stag King" revolves around the image of King Deramo, who is convinced by Prime Minister Trataglia that he must marry in order to leave an heir to the throne. To this end, he organizes a series of meetings with girls from all over the kingdom, regardless of their social status. With the help of some magic tricks, he manages to find his chosen one. However, this is not a happy ending, but the very beginning of a series of more and more bizarre entanglements.


The show entitled "Collisions" talks about the man of today. Men and women, independent but at the same time interconnected stories and events that outline a diverse portrait of us.

how are we Sometimes nice, other times full of weaknesses, we yearn for love, but if we receive it, we don't know what to do with it. We fight with others and with ourselves, we support or crush each other, we accept and refuse, we cry and laugh together. We bump into each other every day, we break up, then we find each other.


In the beginning it was just US... and that was it. With our torments, with our sorrows, with our joys, with our thoughts. Everything takes on another dimension as new settlements, new feelings, new people are discovered... as we rediscover ourselves. With every spoken word we discover a world

What if we were to go back to the ORIGIN? Would we be different now?


The Professional Artistic Ensemble Crisana successfully carries the banner of Romanian folklore throughout the country and has proven this in numerous international confrontations. Through the Extraordinary Concert "From Bihor to Banat", the artists of the ensemble bring to the public gems of folklore from the two areas during the two hours of the show.

BÉRENGER – recital by Emil Boroghină after "Killer without Cimbria" by Eugène Ionesco

Eugen Ionescu believes that the world is him, and as such, if he knows himself, he will know the world. Disappointed and passionate, burlesque and pathetic, Eugen Ionescu is a lonely man. Mistrust, doubt, fear of others leads him to solitude. And yet there is in him a feeling of participation in the collective dramas of humanity, a feeling of suffering in front of its pains. He is not among those who drink without thirst the liquor of humanism. He is hungry and thirsty.


Mare and Mic are two Frenchmen who do not have many professional prospects and decide to create homemade bombs in pressure cookers. Their initiative, apparently without much chance of success, turns into a real business as the experiments bear fruit and they are joined by some promising partners. He creates relations with the Islamic world and benefits from the tacit support of the French authorities.


In a world that is much faster, harder to follow and understand, parents can have surprises that can destabilize them when they relate to their children. At their precocity. To the lack of preconceptions and to the way they choose to live their freedom. In short, the eternal war between generations. In the show at the Comedy Theater we will meet five parents who meet to judge and condemn the freedoms of adolescence, hiding their own equally adolescent beginnings under a veil of prudery and prejudice.


Fiddler on the Roof is a timeless show, a classic musical that has been on Broadway since 1964, remaining one of the longest-running shows on Broadway (it is currently the 16th longest-running Broadway show in history, and the first musical to exceeded 3000 performances).


"Dissatisfied with what is happening to his life, Edmond decides to start over. To the temptations of the street, he responds brutally, with the sharp edge of the blade, out of desperation, misunderstanding, fear. In his painful odyssey, he accumulates experiences and sensations, crossing brothels and nightclubs, where meetings with


The play Arms and the Man was written by Bernard Shaw when he was 38 years old and was first performed in 1894 in London. Success was not long in coming even from the premiere, and the opinion of Shaw as one of the most intelligent dramatists in London was unanimous. Four years later it will be published in the collection called Pleasant Pieces. Although it was no longer performed in Romania, it remained one of the most popular and most frequently staged comedies in the world.


"Play Strindberg" by Friedrich Durrenmatt turns August Strindberg's drama "Dance of Death" into a black comedy, in comic-absurd key, imagining marriage as a 12-round boxing match, a fight without rules and without winners, only losers… It is the story of a "failed" actress - Alice and Edgar - a "failed" captain, stranded on an island as a prison warden, who live out the story of a "failed" marriage in which they are sentenced to 25 years to live and fight fiercely.


Greg and Ginny are young, in love and about to get married. But Ginny is hiding some details about her life from Greg, which could blow up the peace of the future couple. This is also the moment when Philip and Sheila enter the story, an older couple, with unclear - still - and, precisely because of that, funny connections with the young characters. Entanglements of situation, language and intention are sprinkled throughout the play, heightening the tension and delight of the viewer. And at the end, some questions remain in our minds: is love sincere, how much are we willing to lie in a couple, how much is truth and how much is delusion in a love?


The LEAR episode is part of a larger cycle titled IN THE HEART OF THE NIGHT, a project based on Shakespearean plays. It is part of this cycle The HAMLET episode, a show also performed at the "Regina Maria" Theater in Oradea, in a similar space. A community project about the magical force of theater in a public space open and closed at the same time, about the certainties and uncertainties of the night... illuminated.




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