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Guest performances 2016

Oradea International Theater Festival | FITORadea


”[…]Victor Ioan Frunză drew up his own dramatic script, practically rewrote the play, concentrated it, but, even more importantly, modernized it. […] Everything happens in today's world and everything takes the form not of a story from a slum, but of a neighborhood story.



"REASONS TO BE PRETTY it's a show about normal people with absolutely normal dramas, who are condemned to live in a culture of the extraordinary, a culture where beauty standards refer only to physical appearance. The dramas of the four characters often become ridiculous or absurd because no one would have thought how much the way others perceive us matters today.


Saluting as we walked it's a contemporary text written by Mihaela Mihai from Ploiești and staged at the Artemotion Theater in Oradea with the support of the col. John Baciu. The premiere took place on October 16 in Oradea and stars actors Sebastian Lupu and Mirela Lupu.


Shhhhh!!! Just a slapstick comedy in which the audience is the stage partner. A show that "sweeps away the beliefs about the theater known to us so far and opens a new door to the semi-silent theater. The audience and the actor work together, merging like two drops of dew, so the only sounds are the laughter of the audience and their applause.


Svejk – The show is based on the dramatization made by the director Alexandru Dabija, inspired by the book written by Jaroslav Hašek – Adventures of the brave soldier Svejk (translation by Jean Grosu). It is considered one of the most memorable and successful satirical writings in world literature, being in addition to an intelligent and convincing anti-war manifesto, and one of the funniest novels ever written.

do you love YOU PAY!

"Three actors (Corina Cernea, Sorin Ionescu, Georgia Căprărin), an excellent text adapted from a Russian playwright and an inspired direction by Denisa Vlad [...] The comedy show starts from an act of extreme shopping, the passion of a young mistress for her husband in others it goes so far that the wife receives a financial offer for the release of the prisoner in the marriage.


MASQUERADE is a musical drama in three acts (five scenes) composed by Giuseppe Verdi. The action takes place in and around Boston at the end of the 17th century and centers around Governor Riccardo, Earl of Warwick. The governor is in love with Amelia, the wife of his secretary and friend Renato.


Piece EVENT he received the prize for debut at the dramaturgy competition launched by the "Szigligeti" Theatre, the "Tomcsa Sándor" Theater from Odorheiu Secuiesc, respectively the Târgu-Mureș University of Arts. The show is a production dedicated to young people who are at the beginning of their careers, but who have already distinguished themselves through their artistic activities.


Lovers from Ancona - Tomao Nicomaco, a widowed and rich Don Juan, in his last youth, is the most important man in the city. His daughter, Lucia – stuttering and short-sighted, is madly in love with Luigi, a busker who shares her feelings. But Don Tomao wants to marry her to someone else.


The Legend of St. Betiv – Andreas is a "clochard" in Paris in the middle of the 20th century. He spends the night under the bridges of the Seine, covers himself with newspapers stolen daily from overturned dumpsters on the sidewalks, spends his time with a handful of beggars as ragged as himself. The only difference from the group: Andreas is a happy drunk who made alcohol a support in life, a philosophy, a creed.


LEONCE AND LENA – a prince from the Kingdom of Popo and a princess from the Kingdom of Pipi, are forced by their parents to marry - an arranged marriage that has, at bottom, a political purpose. However, the two princes decide to run away from such an arrangement, even before they meet. But fate plays a trick on them and on their way they meet and, without knowing each other's true identity, fall in love.


”[…]The show at Metropolis, like all Victor Ioan Frunză’s recent productions, on which he works with a well-welded team, has the merit of being at the same time an excellent audience comedy, where you laugh out loud for minutes in a row, to impeccably acted scenes, and an intelligent research, at the center of which is the man, "this strange animal".




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