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"Immigrate or there are too many of us on this damn boat", by Matei Vişniec, artistic direction Ovidiu Caiţa, scenography Oana Cernea, presents a hot topic of today's Europe, confronted with the wave of migrants from the East, which is invading the continent from the sea. The show is designed from a sequence of scenes, which present events that happened on the route followed by the migrants, from the boat that transports them across the sea, with the group of cynical guides, who treat them as a commodity, but, presenting their good intentions, giving the migrants behavioral instructions at sea, then in Europe. But the intruders, who did not pay their "ticket" are thrown into the sea, equipped with some life jackets that turn out to be counterfeit. Then, we meet the gravedigger on an island, "sorrowed" by the fact that he can no longer cope with burying the drowned, brought ashore daily by the waves of the sea, with the organ merchant, for whom migrants are a lucrative business, with a family of people from the continent, who do not understand what is happening, but try to cope with the situation, "humanize". The story does not have a main hero, but several heroes, some positive, some negative, who collide, separate, meet again, in a state of constant alertness and agitation.

Vişniec's text, as the author confesses, is not a political one, nor a social one, but "is about people". It's about people who face a new, extreme situation, and behave differently in the face of dramatic or even tragic situations.


The man (Igor), the guy with the diplomat bag: Marian Stan
The wife (Maricika), the old Muslim woman: Camelia Guinea
Senior Political Officer: Dan Mirea
Advisor to the senior political officer (Georges), presenter I, prostitute I: Ileana Caprariu
One of the traffickers (Fehed), the gravedigger: Marius Tudor
Presenter II, translator, Samija, prostitute II: Andrada Samoilă
Chief Trafficker: Sorin Forehead
Presenter III, prostitute III: Roxana Olsanschi
Trafficker (Ali), the transvestite: Florin Ibraşi
Elihu: Valentin NeacșuSuffleor: Nicoleta Giura

Director: Ovidiu Caiţa

Scenography: Oana Cernea

Author: Matei Visniec

Tickets are on sale at the Theater Ticket Agency Tuesday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00, again in weekend between 10:00-13:00. You can buy tickets an hour before the show or online on For additional information and ticket reservations, we invite you to call the phone number: 0259/440.742.

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