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JUNE 6, 8:00 p.m
Location: Arcadia Hall
| ARCUB, Bucharest

by Spiro Scimone, translated by Eva Simon

Duration of the show: 1 h 15 min

With: Mircea Andreescu, Ion Grosu
Direction and musical illustration: Alina Hiristea
Scenography, video concept and filming: Cristian Negoescu

The multi-award winning contemporary theater play Nunzio, one of the most recent productions on the ARCUB stage, directed by Alina Hiristea and performed by the actors Mircea Andreescu and Ion Grosu, is a contemporary story that explores a current topic, that of empathy and human solidarity, with reference to essential reality, to what is beyond worldly perceptions.

A tonic show about a paid killer, a hit-man (Ion Grosu) tamed and cured of frustration and hatred by a naive to the point of comical old man, a homeless man (Mircea Andreescu), Nunzio expresses our power to heal others , by your own example, by candor, discretion and that mysterious sensor of humanity that can be activated in each of us. Nunzio reminds us of the great strength of human compassion hidden in an old man tried by life who hasn't lost his childhood, expressed in a neo-Chekhovian way, a new Chekhov that today's theater needs so much.

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